Below are some publications, books or magazines available for you to download.


Zero to Monero: Second Edition

Published: 4 April 2020, with LaTeX source code here
A comprehensive conceptual (and technical) explanation of Monero.
We endeavor to teach anyone who knows basic algebra and simple computer science concepts like the ‘bit representation’ of a number not only how Monero works at a deep and comprehensive level, but also how useful and beautiful cryptography can be.

Available in Russian and Portuguese.

Zero to Monero: First Edition

Published: 26 June 2018, with LaTeX source code here

Mastering Monero

A guide through the seemingly complex world of Monero.
It includes:

  • A broad introduction to blockchains and the importance of privacy - ideal for non-technical users.
  • Discussion of Bitcoin’s shortcomings and specific solutions provided by Monero.
  • User stories (illustrating how Monero protects your privacy), analogies, examples, legal/ethical discussions, and code snippets illustrating key technical concepts.
  • Details of the Monero decentralized network, peer-to-peer architecture, transaction lifecycle, and security principles.
  • Introductions to technical foundations of Monero, intended for developers, engineers, software architects, and curious users.
  • New developments such as Kovri, Bulletproofs, Multisignature, Hardware Wallets, etc.


The Salmon Series

Infographics dealing with Monero's inner workings. The name comes from employed colours, having semantic meanings (even if weak) but also a unifying function as a recurring theme, and resembling salmon browning (from raw to well-done) to the author's eyes :)

  • Monero Addresses Cheatsheet - Between the ‘big picture’ and the mathematical details, a single-page recap of various keys, addresses, scopes (private/public, spend/view, on-chain/off-chain, payer’s/payee’s) and their relations.
  • Rings Cheatsheet - From generic legacy signature to CLSAG, a visual-holic journey through Rings flavours, presenting their core properties step-by-step in a poster-size infographic.
  • RingCT Cheatsheet - The recipe of a delicious RingCT Type 5 transaction: one CLSAG every eleven UTXOs, Moneroj amounts to taste; thicken everything with Pedersen Commitments whose overall equilibrium will be evident to waiters as well, and protect last ones with a BulletProof glaze; serve on chosen Stealth Addresses and consume not before ten blocks later. Cheers!
  • ZK Basics Cheatsheet - A lightly theoretical interlude (hopefully still gentle, trying to stress concepts more than formalism and selecting the approached topics) to lay the foundations for Bulletproof and other future Zero-Knowledge-related features, if any.


Monero Observer Blitz

Monero Observer Blitz provides monthly updates on the latest developments in the Monero community and protocol. Written by escapethe3RA, this publication covers news related to Monero's ongoing development, community events, and notable achievements within the space.

Revuo Monero

Revuo Monero is a weekly newsletter where you can find the most recent Monero news.

The Monero Standard

Monero Standard is a weekly publication by recanman, providing up-to-date news and information on the Monero protocol. In addition to covering the latest developments in the Monero community, The Monero Standard also includes a weekly price chart, mining pool chart, blockchain statistics, and even a Meme of the Week.